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Because matching the goals of the Mentee with the skills of a Mentor is crucial to the success of the program, we look to have a standing reserve of Mentors so we may find the best match available within CPCU Society.

There are many positive reasons to consider joining our program.

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Benefits to the Mentor


Mentors often claim that the mentoring expereince encourages cognitive reflection on one's own career. It can also encourage renewal and regeneration of energies, and a sense of validation of their own profession. 


Benefits to the Mentee


With a Mentor's investment, a Mentee will approach career goals and taking necessary steps with greater confidence. A Mentor may also utilize their own contacts to help Mentees network with industry professionals and identify resources and organizations they may not be familiar with. 


Benefits to the Industry


Mentors are left with a satisfying feeling of giving back or paying it forward. A healthy exchange of ideas and robust network are vital to develop and maintain the workplace talent pipeline. Here within CPCU Society we have both the power and responsibility of influence to help shape the best possible future landscape for the insurance industry. Joining our large pool of potential mentors will give you the opportunity to leave your own positive legacy.