Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program for CPCU Society members

Participation in the CPCU Society Mentorship Program is a great way to enhance the value of your CPCU Society membership. Our program provides two avenues of participation:

  1. Traditional Mentoring
  2. Flash Mentoring

Whether you have expertise to offer or are looking to glean expertise from others, personal and career development occur on both sides of this relationship.


Traditional Mentoring

Flash Mentoring

Choose a match for a minimum of 6 months and work together to set objectives, expectations, and timelines. Ideal for those with a specific professional development plan or goal in mind, such as developing leadership skills. Instantly connect for a one-time discussion or continue to maintain the connection as you see fit. Ideal for those seeking informal mentoring, general advice and tips, or to expand their network.


What do you want out of it?

We're focused on creating smart matches between mentee and mentor. Program flexibility while tailoring agreements between parties will help keep the relationship relevant and maximize its affect. Let us know what your goals are, and we'll search our interested participants for a great match.


Open to all CPCU Society members!

Whether you've previously participated in formal mentorship or not, we encourage all of you to consider participation. We believe all CPCU Society members bring great value to our industry, and there is someone out there who will benefit from your experience.




Our goal is to have many more potential mentors available for our program than we have mentee applications. This ensures a wide variety of skills and personalities for quality matching. Whether you know it or not, your experience matters to others and just might be a great match for one of our mentee applicants. Please see the link below for more information.


As a mentee, you will connect with a CPCU Society member who provides guidance on leadership development, career growth, and succeeding in the industry. What part of your career do you want to develop? Let us know so we can find the best match for you.


As a candidate member mentee, you can join this program to help you succeed through your CPCU® journey—whether you seek advice on passing a particular exam or need encouragement to take the next step. The CPCU Society mentoring program is open to all paid CPCU Society candidate members.


Can I be both a mentor and mentee?

Yes! You are welcome to sign up for career mentoring as well as mentor CPCU candidates.